Italian Style Corporation has thousand metres of working floor space so there are no yacht size restrictions. This includes a purpose-built an wide carpentry workshop with a dedicated teak decking prefabrication loft.

To produce the highest possible level of accuracy we use a portable 3D laser measuring device which enables us to re-construct your deck as a three dimensional model using computer aided design. From here we can showcase various options for style, design and finish for your yacht.

We prefabricate teak decks in-house at our workshop, laying out individual sections which are then dismantled and transported to the yacht for rapid installation with modern vacuum pressing technology.

Italian Style Corporation work with only the highest quality Burmese teak available and in conjunction with world renowned Teak Decking Systems of Florida.

Alternatively, if there’s some life left in your existing deck, we offer a specialised re-caulk and refurbishment service and can travel to your yacht anywhere.